Daniel Alcalá : Paper Cut Outs

Constructors II
graphite on paper cut out
51 x 63.5 cm

Miami Landscape
graphite on paper cut out
50 x 50 cm

México City landscape
graphite on paper cut out
33 x 33 cm

Constructors I
graphite on paper cut out
60 x 63 cm

American Landscape
graphite on paper cut out
30 x 30 cm

N.Y. Billboard
graphite on paper cut out
34 x 32 cm


My work talks about the human being, not his image, but through the objects that surround him. my research starts from the elements that inhabit and define our everyday life. Those places, where the individual has contact and relationships with others, with the city, being the main player. To achieve this purpose i employ graphic media such as drawings, prints and hand cut paper works. Artist’s books, objects, installations and site-specific interventions also represent a very important part in my work.

Whilst maps, buildings, billboards, and cityscapes, also constitute an important body of my work. In my pieces there is a need to connect with the spectator, where using a minimum range of colors, i pretend to invite the viewer to come closer and discover the details. By doing this, i intend not only to reveal my experience reflected in the work, but also to propitiate a personal experience in each person.

[Extract : Arroniz-Arte Contemporary]


Daniel Alcalá : Website


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