Michael Kenna : Photography

“I feel that my work would be much closer to haiku poetry than full-length prose. I don’t need to describe everything that’s going on. I like to just suggest one or two elements and use those elements as catalysts for my own imagination, and hopefully for the viewers imagination.” Michael Kenna

Lace Factories, Study 21
Calais, France,
sepia toned gelatin silver print

Lace Factories, Study 29
Calais, France
sepia toned silver gelatin print

Lace Factories, Study 8
Calais, France
sepia toned gelatin silver print

Twelve Hours Over Sea of Okhotsk
Wakkanai, Hokkaido

Winter Seascape
Wakkanai, Hokkaido

Fish Drying Racks
Wakkanai, Hokkaido

“I prefer the power of suggestion over description. Photography, for me, is not about copying the world. I’m not really interested in making an accurate copy of what I see out there. I think one of photography’s strongest elements is its ability to record a part of the world, but also to integrate with the individual photographer’s aesthetic sense. The combined result is an interpretation – and the interpretation, I think, is what is interesting – when the subject goes through the filter of an individual human mind and emerges in a changed state – not the duplication or the recording of something.” [Extract : Interview with Michael Kenna : Lenswork October 2003]

Hokkaido : Video

Half-Light : Video

Michael Kenna : Website

Michael Kenna : Wirtz Gallery

2 Responses to “Michael Kenna : Photography”

  1. November 27, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Againk, most of these I had not seen before, I really admire his single minded approach to photography.
    marvellous examples here – esp. like the ones from the lace factory.

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