Friederike von Rauch : Photography

Friederike von Rauch
Gent #20
Pigment print

Friederike von Rauch
Berlin #5
C-print mounted on aluminium

Friederike von Rauch
Brussels #2
C-print mounted on aluminium

Friederike von Rauch
Brussels #6
C-print mounted on aluminium

Friederike von Rauch
Dienerkammer #3
Pigment print

Friederike von Rauch photographs buildings. A complete building or merely a detail. The building on its own, or within its surroundings. The interior or the exterior. Her photographs are meticulously stylized. The framing and the angle are chosen with care. She describes herself as an intuitive photographer. Her work is not so much about buildings. It’s about spaces. She looks for spots that to her are exceptional, but that most people walk by without even a glance.

In her photographs the silence is the first thing that strikes you. The silence, however, does not equal quiet. There is a tension to the silence. This tension grows from the absence of people; despite the unbreakable link between buildings and human beings. Buildings are made by people and are used by them. The lack of a human presence deprives the buildings of their functionality. The buildings in her photographs are no longer buildings, but monumental sculptures. [Extract : Gallery 51]

Friederike von Rauch : Website

Kunstagenten Gallery

Fifty One

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