Ray K. Metzker : Singular Sensations (Collage + Photograms)

Arrestation # 1
Unique collage
15 x 13 inches

Arrestation # 11
Unique collage
15 x 13 inches

Photogram # 63
Unique gelatin silver print
9 x 6 3/4 inches

Photogram # 50
Unique gelatin silver print
19 x 15 3/4 inches

Created in the darkroom from a union of masterful light play and photo chemistry, these painterly images arrest and challenge the viewer’s imagination on a departure from the world of reality. By inventive application of the photographic medium, this current body of work, primarily made without the use of a camera, includes techniques from the foundations of photography – photograms and light drawings. By inverting the process he’s able to extract a unique palette of colors inherent to black and white photography.

Also featured are ‘Arrestations’, a series of collages that are constructed from fragments of exposed photographic paper that are torn and pieced together to create a new and altogether different whole.

In this Rorschach-like world, even small details like the torn edge of a piece of paper play a significant role in the manipulation and creation of light. Some images conjure atmospheric landscapes, some the human figure, while others dwell in pure abstraction; but all embody a sense of movement and play that give each viewer a unique perspective and provide passage on a journey limited only by the viewer’s imagination. [Extract : Laurence Miller Gallery : Singular Sensations: Collage and Photograms]

Ray K. Metzker : Laurence Miller Gallery

Ray K. Metzker : Wanderings Series

Ray K. Metzker : AutoMagic Series

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