Rick Arnitz : Paintings

oil enamel on canvas
54 x 42″

Check Out
oil enamel on canvas
44 x 30″

oil enamel on wood
27 1/2 x 19 1/2″

Grace Notes
oil enamel on wood
82 x 48″

oil enamel on canvas
30 x 30″

Arnitz uses a roller, rather than a paintbrush, as his tool to cover his canvases. Whether vertical or horizontal, the width of his bands is determined by the size of roller he uses. Appearing abstract upon first glance, representational possibilities materialize between the undulating marks and hues. Arnitz draws upon widely ranging ideas about space, color and scale, as well as painting itself.

The tools and improvisational yet repetitive nature of Arnitz’s work creates an abstract and eye-dazzling effect, and the mechanics of the roller he employs produces his signature painting style. Arnitz endeavors to “achieve a sense of artistic authenticity by transparently illusional means,” using his unconventional methods and imposed structure to imbue the non-objective paintings with a sense of weight and materiality. The paintings can achieve a palpable physicality that directly engages the viewer. Deadpan titles of the works are suggestive of subjects that Arnitz responds to with an acerbic but emotionally credible tone. [Extract : Stephen Wirtz Gallery]

Rick Arnitz : Website

1 Response to “Rick Arnitz : Paintings”

  1. September 16, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Looking at these is almost a hypnotic experience.

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