Barbara Hepworth : Sculpture

Barbara Hepworth
Curved Form (Delphi)

Barbara Hepworth
Curved Form (Oracle)

Barbara Hepworth
Wood and Strings

Barbara Hepworth
Hollow Form with White Interior (Opus 328)

Barbara Hepworth
Two figures (Menhirs)

Barbara Hepworth
Pierced Form (Epidauros)

“Full sculptural expression is spatial – it is the three-dimensional realization of an idea, either by mass or by space construction. The materials for sculpture are unlimited in their variety of quality, tenseness and aliveness. But for the imaginative idea to be fully and freely projected into stone, wood or any plastic substance, a complete sensibility to material – an understanding of its inherent quality and character – is required. There must be a perfect unity between the idea, the substance and the dimension: this unity gives scale… Vitality is not a physical, organic attribute of sculpture – it is a spiritual inner life.”

“‘Abstract’ is a word which is now most frequently used to express only the type of the outer form of a work of art; this makes it difficult to use it in relation to the spiritual vitality or inner life which is the real sculpture. Abstract sculptural qualities are found in good sculpture of all time, but it is significant that contemporary sculpture and painting have become abstract in thought and concept. As the sculptural idea is in itself unfettered and unlimited and can choose its own forms, the vital concept selects the form and substance of its expression quite unconsciously.” Barbara Hepworth

Barbara Hepworth Website

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