Alex M. Lee : Lazlo’s Shadow (After LSM) – Video


“I’m interested in altering the perception and processes around images. My work employs the use of computer-aided design in order to complicate the discussion around digital and mechanical-based image production. These projects take the form of prints or computer animations. I draw from an exploration of techniques and an interpretation of art history in order to reconstitute the simulated and the real.” A.M.Lee


“Lazlo’s Shadow (after LSM)”, installation view (excerpt)
2 channel 3D animation, one channel projected on floor
and another at right angle on wall, dimensions variable
Dolby Surround Sound, loops every 9:10 minutes, 2010


Lazlo’s Shadow (After Light Space Modulator) is a two-channel video projection involving the virtual re-creation of Lazlo Moholy-Nagy’s Light Space Modulator. Originally created in 1930s, the LSM embodied Moholy-Nagy’s belief in the utilization of machines in the creation of art to be part of the zeitgeist of the 20th Century. Lazlo’s Shadow utilizes the abilities of 3D computer graphics to re-create and re-structure the presentation of the original LSM while accurately presenting a virtual cast of shadow and light in the physical space of the gallery. Lazlo’s Shadow embodies the renewed relevance of the Bauhaus in the context of virtual imaging. The Bauhaus re-conceptualized the relation of technology to culture and the relativity of representation and reality. Recent advances in 3D imaging represents a big paradigm shift since the Bauhaus, making the Bauhaus visioning of the relation between machines, technology, and culture important to interpret virtually.[Extract : A.M. Lee : Lazlo’s Shadow (after LSM)]


Alex M. Lee : Vimeo

Alex M. Lee : Website

Reframing Photography (video)

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