Pierre Juillerat : Painting

Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas
145 x 104 cm

Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas
104 x 145 cm

Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas
104 x 145 cm

Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas
170 x 220 cm

Lacquer and acrylic dispersion on canvas
104 x 90 cm

In most cases, Juillerat‘s paintings show stripe and line structures that are set on various image carriers with very high precision, always using his own and intuitively chosen specific set of colours. Due to the orientation to vanishing points lying far outside the image area, these structures often appear like detail views of larger, wider spatial contexts. Shifting these points may break geometric laws, and the perspective effect even increases the impression of vast space.

Pierre Juillerat, born 1967 in Bern, has completed a degree in architecture ETH Zurich, pursued by a long career as an airline pilot. In parallel, he independently developed his geometric painting style, which combines impetus from both fields. The opposite of the firmly structured, geometrically planned and bright dynamic clarity in his work is evident.

“The human perception of the automated movement, as in instrument flight, the hostile environment of high altitudes, which provides colours with their icy cold temperature and causes the alloy of the materials, shape Juillerats work. The aluminum sheets designed for speed are taken from a decontextualisation of aviation; they’re a contrast to the slowness of the act of painting. It’s a serial production technology, which faces the primitive and unique action of the painter. His paintings attempt to exist outside their own borders. Colours flowing over the edges are transitional areas. Non-Existing and emptiness are just as decisive as the visible portions of the work. Layed out before us is a unique and specific vision of the void and the tension that comes from an apparent calm.” Pierre Schwerzmann

[Extract : Minus Space]

Pierre Juillerat : Website

Pierre Juillerat : ISSU Publication

1 Response to “Pierre Juillerat : Painting”

  1. August 26, 2010 at 6:09 am

    this is so inspiring … wonderful shapes in stunning geometric compositions!

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