Julian Faulhaber : Low Density Polyethylene Series

Lambda print
42 x 61″

Wand (Wall)
Lambda print
35 x 47″

Theke, Detail (Desk)
Lambda print
33 x 51″

Julian Faulhaber
Brucke (Bridge)
Lambda print

Decke (Ceiling)
Lambda print
60 x 47″

Faulhaber‘s latest series was shot in newly constructed spaces in the time between when they were completed and when they became occupied or used. The intense colors and sheen result from exposure times of 10 to 20 seconds, the perspective selected and the artificial light at the location, rather than from post-production. The resulting images often appear abstract, even unreal, but are in fact a straight document of the space, reflected in such direct titles as “Supermarket” and “Garage.”

Faulhaber’s work comments on the discrepancy between the material reality of construction, the daily experience of a space, and the utopian ideals that inspire the avant-garde of the architectural field. The actual formal points of an architect’s utopian vision are often inspired by the other arts: painting, writing and photography. His work is also embedded in a tradition of German photography that considers the investigation of architectural forms to be important social commentary, a history that spans the work of Albert Renger-Patsch, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Andreas Gursky and Thomas Demand.

[Extract : Hasted Hunt Kraeutler : Press Release April 1, 2010]

Julian Faulhaber : Website

Julian Faulhaber : Hasted Hunt Kraeutler

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