Mitch Dobrowner : Photography

Mitch Dobrowner
Wall Cloud
Davidson, Wyoming

Mitch Dobrowner
The Road
Near Guymon, Oklahoma

Mitch Dobrowner
Rotating Storm
San Juan, New Mexico

Mitch Dobrowner
Arm of God
Galatia, Kansas

Mitch Dobrowner
Trees – Clouds
Texline, Texas

Mitch Dobrowner
Owens Valley, California

“Landscapes are living eco systems and environments. They have existed well before, and will hopefully be here way beyond the time we are here. When taking photographs, time and space seem hard for me to measure. Whenever I shoot a ‘quality’ image, I know it. At those moments things are quiet, seem simple again – and I obtain a respect and reverence for the world that is hard to communicate through words. For me those moments happen when the exterior environment and my interior world combine. Hopefully the images presented help communicate what is visualized during those times.” Mitch Dobrowner

Mitch Dobrowner : Website

Mitch Dobrowner : Kopeikin Gallery

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