Stephanie Snider : Collage

Silver Portal
ink, gouache, watercolor, acrylic, spray paint, pencil and collage on paper
12″ x 15″

Silver Portal II
ink, watercolor, gouache, spray paint, pencil and collage on paper
12″ x 15″

Admiration & Contempt
Gouache und Collage auf Papier
30 x 38 cm /11,81 x 14,96 inches

Untitled (blue)
6 x 6 inches

6 x 6 inches

Interior with Wallpaper
11-3/8 x 15 inches

Stephanie Snider’s collages conjure a fictional landscape honed from memory, history and emotion, transporting the viewer into the mysterious caverns of association and introspection. In Snider’s work, gaps in imagery, grids, and architectural structures allow for the unraveling and unwinding of time, emotion and visual reality, providing a psychological theater reminiscent of de Chirico’s Pittura Metafisica. In an artist’s statement Snider refers to her work as ‘Fraught Fictions’, explaining:

“[The drawings] trace sites of personal and collective memories: they map anxiety, confusion, obsessive sorts of love, puzzles, nostalgia and the tricks our minds play on us. The use of narrative is present but not prescribed, yet tonalities of disengagement are articulated, underscoring a dark thread of sadness and melancholy”. [Stephanie Snider]

Stephanie Snider Website

Stephanie Snider : Schmidt & Handrup

1 Response to “Stephanie Snider : Collage”

  1. August 26, 2010 at 6:06 am

    fresh, feminine, lovely color tones

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