Evol : Cardboard Stencils

Somewhere in Kreuzberg
stencils and spraypaint
89 x 64 cm

rauhe schale … harter kern
stencils and spraypaint
129 x 198 cm

stencils and spraypaint
54 x 68 cm

sommer vorm balkon
stencils and spraypaint
52 x 70 cm

dieffenbachstr. backyard
stencils and spraypaint
110 x 98 cm

Evol is an artist based in Berlin, he is influenced by the overlooked surroundings of the urban landscape which he portrays within his work, he uses a super detailed stencil and spray technique on cardboard, including creases in the cardboard to define the architectural elements in some of the pieces to give it that high level of realism.

Evol : Website

Evol : More Works

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