Norbert Frensch : Paintings

SO 2-01
Oil on Dammar on Canvas
170 x 210 cm

WI 3-01
Oil on Dammar on Canvas
110 x 135 cm

Oil on Dammar on Canvas
110 x 135 cm

Norbert Frensch’s paintings do not merely record what is to be seen. The fact that the viewer finds orientation only gradually, very slowly recognising the outline of a bowl bathed in pale light against the dark background, beginning to sense the presence of a volume, is trivial in and on itself. The point is not the object itself. What appears to the eye is merely the point of departure for an unusual kind of painting that articulates the process of becoming visible. By concealing what appears but revealing how something appears, painting transforms itself from a mode of depiction to a form of art that visibly reflects upon what it brings forth itself. [Extract : Thomas Wagner : catalogue Wiesbaden, 2002, pp50]

Norbert Frensch : Galerie-m-Bochum

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