Hans Wilschut : Photography

Hans work originates from the urban world. His photographs are lyric reflections on the increasingly built-up surroundings. An underlying social theme can often be found in his photographic work.

47 x 66.9 in

66.9 x 47 in

46.9 x 59 in

59 x 47 in

48.4 x 66.9 in

70.8 x 92.5 in

Hans Wilschut creates works that stand alone instead of belonging to a formal series. However, certain themes take shape when looking at his work. His images respond to a world in flux and undergoing globalisation. Wilschut searches the boundaries between public and private domain at the frayed edges of cities for places where changes merge and manifest. Using a personal approach, he attempts to highlight themes including socio-cultural metamorphoses, the increase in tourism, the shift in world economies and demographic growth in portraits that stand alone. Wilschut translates the language of aesthetics, incorporating it in an underlying layer and challenging viewers to look and sharpen their gaze. His images do not criticize; instead, they show what only the photographic eye can see.

Hans Wilschut sees the photographic study as a dialogue with the city. He purposely seeks out situations that he effectively designs. In many cases, he makes sketches prior to picking up the camera. His images should be regarded as urban still lives. Sometimes it seems that Wilschut’s vision is built on reality, as if it was achieved on a digital table top. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Like an urban explorer, Hans Wilschut travels these urban landscapes, with or without permission, where his exploration usually leads him to places hidden from view. [Extract : MKgalerie]

Hans Wilschut : Website

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