Anne Lilly : Kinetic Sculptures


“I have questions that do not occur in words: questions about space, about material moving in space, and about the intermingling of space and object. I feel that space disguises itself and its nature by its transparency. It is, strangely, this very transparency that makes space opaque to our awareness. This new work uses skinny lines moving in space. Emptying out the volume reduces the visual mass so that more of the space around the work gets implicated in what the work finally is. The space shares in creating, or manifesting, the function of the work itself. This emptying-out of the mass makes it possible to imbue space without occupying space.” A. Lilly


“request for an oracle”
kinetic sculpture

kinetic sculpture

kinetic sculpture

kinetic sculpture

kinetic sculpture


Lilly crafts kinetic sculptures out of rods, T-bars, disks, arcs, and tripods. The motorized ones move automatically, but some require the viewer to set them spinning, and they spin so unexpectedly when you touch them it feels as if you’re making magic. That’s because Lilly builds many different movement mechanisms into each sculpture, and the movement of each element affects that of the next and the whole. The lines of each sculpture are crisp, the forms simple geometry, but the movement isn’t at all mechanical. Rather, it has the grace and unpredictability of a feather drifting in the wind. The sculptures and the photographs each stand on their own, but together they create an installation that first, with the photos, takes us out into a giant world of abstract metal, and then, with the sculpture, uses abstract metal to return us to ourselves. [Extract : The Boston Globe – Cate McQuaid, Galleries Column]


Anne Lilly : Vimeo

Anne Lilly : Website


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