Carlos Tiscar : Altavoz

Spanish designer Carlos Tiscar gives us ‘Altavoz’, a shelf system consisting of boxes of different sizes.

The main aspect of this shelf system is the “visual loudspeaker” concept. It consists of a box with an expressive interior due to the angle of two of its internal sides. This kind of shape reminds me of some Le Corbusier windows and also of aircraft windows (i.e. although small they have a “visual amplification” caused by the surrounding panel shape). The idea is that an object put in the box will be “amplified”. With only three modules (sizes A4, A3 and A2 formats) by positioning both horizontal and vertically, you can make all kind of compositions; wall mounted, on the floor by forming a pile or on a table surface. Of course you can also use one single item. (Carlos Tiscar).

Download : Carlos Tiscar Portfolio pdf

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