David Hockney : Paintings

The Bay From the Mountains
oil on canvas
36×72 in

The Other Side
oil on 2 canvases
72×132 in

Under and Out of the Arch
oil on canvas
24×36 in

The Twenty Fourth V.N. Painting
oil on canvas
24×36 in

The Railing
oil on canvas
36×48 in

In the 90s, Hockney continued to play around with new technology. He employed a colour laser copier to create images in some of his works and replicated some of his paintings. Above all he was impressed with the vibrancy of colour produced by these devices. The constant urge to experiment was also exemplified in the set of ‘Very New Paintings’ begun in the early 90s. These were semi abstract views of the Pacific coast and the Santa Monica mountains, depicted in a succession of plunging perspectives, dazzling vistas, brilliant light and colour, after the style of Picasso and Matisse. [Extract : Encyclopedia of Irish and World Art]

David Hockney : Website

1 Response to “David Hockney : Paintings”

  1. December 7, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    Apart from one or two exceptions,these are some of Hockneys weakest works,although they are quite bold in handling and fearless in their use of colour.They seem to be more like self-concious stage designs-his painting that came later-transforming reality,is stronger(Hockney’s eighties period is his poorest work),but saying this they can can be seen as gropings towards a stronger sense of painterly space,i still think his best work was painted in England.

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