Gianni Galassi : Black&Blue – Architectural Photo Visions

Building Site, Antibes - 2008Gianni Galassi
“Building Site”

Scala (Stairs), Valencia - 2008Gianni Galassi
“Scala (Stairs)”

Electricity, Juan-les-Pins, 2008Gianni Galassi

18 - Teca dell'Ara Pacis, Roma - 2006Gianni Galassi
“Teca dell’Ara Pacis”

14 - Teca dell'Ara Pacis, Roma - 2008Gianni Galassi
“Teca dell’Ara Pacis”

22 - Tangenziale, Roma - 2007Gianni Galassi


Exhibition curated by Laura Ginapri
Setup by Rosini Art
Staff Just! Venice
August 26 – October 3, 2010
La Piscina – Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore – Venezia

The event was held concurrently with the 12th Venice Biennale of Architecture,
with the participation of the Giorgio Cini Foundation.

BLACK&BLUE marked the third stage in the figurative path taken by Gianni Galassi in 2007 with the exhibition Extralight, held in Rome at the Palazzo Venezia National Museum, and carried on in 2009, still in Rome, with the exhibition Square at the Luxardo gallery. Galassi’s images are focused around the relationship between light and shadow on the surfaces of urban and industrial buildings. Which leads to a set of architectural visions geometrically combined within the frame, emphasizing a whole of elements which transcend the original function of the portrayed artifact, and giving rise to unintentional aesthetic values. The color palette is mostly confined to light grey, ochre/amber, blue and black.

The exhibition title is inspired by the wide black colour-fields created by the shadows – the true subject of the showcased photographs- and by the cut-outs of sky, in a highly saturated blue, marking the compositional voids. The square format sets a distance from the typical rectangular or panoramic frame of movies and TV. A symbol of geometrical purity, the square suggests a formal reading of the image, which is freed from any narrative intention. The exhibition, curated by Laura Ginapri, featured 68 colour photographs in the 180×180 cm (70×70 inch), 120×120 cm (47×47 inch) and 60×60 cm (23×23 inch) sizes, along with 3 site specific installations. All photographs were printed by the author on fine-art Epson paper, with Epson technology and pigment inks. [Extract : Gianni Galassi : Exhibitions]

A Full Catalog of the Exhibition : Here

Gianni Galassi : PhotoGraphia

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