Peter Wegner : Artist

“Blue is the color of everything and nothing. It’s the color of potential: the blueprint of an unbuilt building, the blue line drawing of a graphic layout, the blue chalk of a contractor’s plumb line, the blue screen of a Hollywood montage. Blue is always something or sometime or somewhere else. And so it is with commercial paint colors, which tell us blue is the color of infinity, the wind and timelessness.” P. W.

If (Blue) Then (Blue)
alkyd enamel on hand-milled poplar
48,03 x 48,03 inches (122 x 122 cm)

Alpha to Zulu (with pauses)
household enamel on MDF
58″ x 91″ x 1″

Buildings Made Of Sky II
32 pigment prints
88,58 x 126,77 inches (225 x 322 cm)

Buildings Made Of Sky II
pigment prints (detail)
88,58 x 126,77 inches (225 x 322 cm)

Space, Time & the Weather
silkscreen & enamel on MDF
96″ x 316″ x 12″

Floor to Ceiling Blues
die cut paper
156″ x 56″ x 20″

The following quote reveals Wegner’s extraordinary powers of observation and the openness with which he encounters the world. His thoughts on the photographic series ‘Buildings Made Of Sky’ presents the theme of urban space in a totally new way, providing insights into his artistic oeuvre.

“Walking down the street one day in New York, I glanced up and saw an invisible building suspended between the others. It was upside down, the color of air. A few steps later it disappeared. Then, around the next corner, I saw another building like the first. I felt that I had stumbled upon something extraordinary, a secret city, luminous and strange. […] Soon after, I began the photographs that would become “Buildings Made Of Sky.” […] The important thing I’ve learned, is to focus on nothing. Believe in it, prefer it, and the buildings reveal themselves: buildings made of sky.”

[Extract : Peter Wegner Exhibition : Galerie m Bochum]

P,E,T,E,R,W,E,G,N,E,R, Website

Peter Wegner : Galerie m Bochum

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