Mayumi Terada : ‘Dollhouses’ (Photography)

‘Window with Trees and Cup’
gelatin silver print
40.5 x 55 inches

Skylight and Ladder
gelatin silver print
54.5 x 40 inches

Eggs on Glass table
gelatin silver print
20 x 24 inches

‘View of Blossoms from Basement’
gelatin silver print
40.5 x 55 inches

‘Rocking Chair and Window’
gelatin silver print
40.5 x 55 inches

‘View of Moon and Bottle ‘
gelatin silver print
20 x 24 inches

There is a feeling of distinct absence about these spaces, a lingering absence, an intentional view of a reality that once existed, but has since disappeared. Terada’s photographs defer any rational sense of scale, lending a peculiar, less than ordinary, perspective to the rooms and an uncanny sense of proportion. Her practice is a composite of self-taught techniques that belong equally to sculpture, painting, architecture, and photography. Together they work to express a profound tension of time and space, emitting a mystery that purposely eludes our sensory perception. Terada constructs her dollhouse rooms from foam-core, cardboard, and wood, with tiny furnishings cut and glued from paper, fabrics, plastic, and metals. The end result is not these intimate constructions in themselves, but the black-and-white photograph that Terada makes of it, using only natural light. Like childhood doll’s play, Terada’s miniature sanctuaries are contemplative reflections that refer both directly and indirectly to the body. The conceptual aspect of her work oscillates between the virtual and tactile realities that underpin contemporary life. What is curious about these photographs is the extent to which their visual tensions depend on the coordination of hand and eye. [Extract : ‘Mayumi Terada’ by Robert C. Morgan]

Mayumi Terada : Robert Miller Gallery

Mayumi Terada : James Hyman Gallery

1 Response to “Mayumi Terada : ‘Dollhouses’ (Photography)”

  1. November 27, 2010 at 9:03 pm

    a wonderful sense of mystery and wonder.,,I am particularly drawn to ponder over that cup and bottle…..these images have the power of dreams.

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