Arne Quinze : Africa Electronica

Africa Electronica
190 x 140 cm
wood, paint, crayon, marker

260 x 58 x 78 cm
wood, cardboard, polyurethane, paint, marker, metal base

228 x 45 x 54 cm
wood, cardboard, polyurethane, paint, marker, metal base

243 x 40 x 51 cm
wood, cardboard, polyurethane, paint, marker, metal base

Mansize Stilthouse
193 x 74 x 120 cm
wood, polyurethane, paint

Red Eye. C.U. Stilthouse
270 x 110 x 180 cm
wood, polyurethane, paint, electronic video screens

Stilthouse 2260 (2008)
248 x 226 x 88 cm
wood, polyurethane, lacquer

Arne Quinze’s talent lies in his ability to fuse polar extremes – passion and chaos with controlled elegance. He creates immaculate, urbane and polished works that are balanced with a certain contradictory tension, giving them a refined yet exuberant appearance. He realises his ideas with verve and is able to generate crossovers between art and architecture as if it were child’s play.

Every new creation captures his research and study on interaction, urbanism, movement, speed and light in present-day society. Quinze scans a city in the blink of an eye and grasps the ongoing rhythm running through multifarious buildings and settlements which expresses the continuous evolution of human beings and their surroundings. Man cannot survive alone; we find refuge in one another. Neglecting our human needs, we live in an era where social interaction has been well nigh diminished to non existent. [Extract : Africa Electronica Catalogue : 26th November – 20th December 2009]

Arne Quinze : Africa Electronica Catalogue

Arne Quinze Website

1 Response to “Arne Quinze : Africa Electronica”

  1. August 9, 2010 at 9:06 am

    in Brussels he covered the street utside the Flemish Parliament with a red wooden construction. For every tree cut and used in this installation, there was planted a new one.


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