Becky Beasley : ‘Surface Coverings’ (The Feral Works)

‘At night I would run through the streets and howl, during the day I would work calmly’
(Maurice Blanchot, The Madness of the Day)

105 x 127cm

Modern Times (4)
30 x 40cm

Modern Times (3)
30 x 40cm

Modern Times (5)
30 x 40cm

Modern Times (2)
30 x 40cm

Modern Times (1)
30 x 40cm

“The aim, if there is one at all, perhaps better put as a purposeful aimlessness, takes the form of an ongoing and experimental archive of encounters in the guise of photographs of objects, organised out of personal experiences and the pathos and delight of a life. Understood in some way as a belief in the ordinariness of a life well-lived at the level of the everyday, thus it is that from time to time something may erupt through the surface of the day and reveal, in its mute manner, the real which is both more and less real than previously anticipated. It is definitely about the surface; the surface of things, the surface of the photographic, a piece of paper, an abandoned box or the appearance of something, The surface of the thing reveals only that which is concealed by the depths one seeks in the dark mysterious nature of things.” Becky Beasley

Becky Beasley : Website

Becky Beasley : Office Baroque

Becky Beasley : Laura Bartlett Gallery

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