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Noriko Ambe : A Piece of Flat Globe

“Through creative action, some form of truth emerges – and it is this truth that I want to pursue” noriko ambe

Installation view of “A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.4-7”, 2008
At Second Nature Exhibition, directed by Tokujin Yoshioka at 21_21 DESIGN SIGHT, Tokyo

noriko ambe : interview extract

Time is essential to my work. Because over time I add more and more paper to a sculpture, the work itself ends up embodying the time taken to create it. The process is as important as the finished product and the simple act of making art every day is important to my practice. Buddhism, although it’s not my intention to show this. I started drawing lines and etching and then eventually, I began stacking paper and working in three-dimensions. Then I began working with Yupo, a synthetic, translucent paper made in Japan. It has an organic quality that makes it feel like skin. In these sculptures, the paper is beautiful, even sublime. Once, when I was in an airplane, I saw a beautiful sea of clouds below me that made me want to melt into the natural world. In the topographies that I cut into paper, human life merges with nature and all boundaries are dissolved. [Article on ‘Art on Paper’ magazine]

Noriko Ambe Works

Artists Statement



Tokujin Yoshioka : Second Nature

another crystal chair by tojukin yoshioka

‘venus’ chair by tokujin yoshioka

inside ‘second nature’ at 21_21 design sight

inside ‘second nature’ at 21_21 design sight

inside ‘second nature’ at 21_21 design sight

“I have tried to create a space, which will be retained in one’s memory like natural phenomenon that they had experienced before,” Tojukin Yoshioko

An exhibition curated by Yoshioka called ‘Second Nature’ features his own work and the work of the following international creatives:

Noriko Ambe, artist
Makoto Azuma, flower artist
Campana Brothers, designers
Asuka Katagiri, photographer
Ross Lovegrove, designer
Kaiji Moriyama, dancer/choreographer
Takeshi Kushida, film director
Yukio Nakagawa, ikebana artist
Tokujin Yoshioka, designer

This exhibition offers an opportunity to once again ponder the future of design as well as the mysterious powers of nature which transcend the limits of human imagination. Tokujin Yoshioka, the director of the exhibition, has attempted to incorporate in his own design work the many laws that exist in nature, while at the same time exploring the possibilities of technology. His works do not merely remind people of the natural world on a visual level or imitate the more apparent manifestations of the laws of nature. Rather, by using technology as well as his own ideas as a kind of sustenance, he creates new forms of nature, in a process that results in what might best be described as a “second nature.” Rooted in this mindset, this exhibition presents the experimental works of eight groups of creators, including Tokujin Yoshioka himself. The exhibition also presents a cloud-like installation that envelop the exhibit space

Tokujin Yoshioka Website

Ai : Series : Photography Book

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