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Doug Aitken : ‘Altered Earth’ (Arles, City of Moving Images)


The surreal, cratered salt mines and desolate marshlands of the Camargue region of Southern France are hauntingly navigated in this exclusive excerpt from ALTERED EARTH: Arles, City of Moving Images, a new multimedia production from artist Doug Aitken. The culmination of three years’ work, ALTERED EARTH explores the ever-evolving geography and ecosystem of the Camargue, a boundless wilderness between the tributaries of the Rhone south of Arles. “It’s so remote, a natural place that does not seem to change. But then you start to notice that everything is in flux,” explains Aitken. [Ex : Nowness]



“The project came out of a casual dinner amongst friends who had connections with the Camargue. They were speaking about this place that has an incredible resonance. It’s very surreal, very stark. There is a rawness and sense of survival that captured my imagination. I had a glass of wine that was on a paper napkin and I noticed drips from the red wine starting to bleed into the pulp of the napkin, just as they were talking about the Rhone River and how it cuts through the wetlands.

I felt like I was holding the geography in my hand almost, this perfect square with a river running through it. I began to fold the napkin as they were speaking into an origami-like shape and realized that what I was actually doing was taking the landscape and dividing it. When you divide something and multiply it, it creates shapes, forms and structure, which eventually creates architecture.

The idea came to me really quickly that it would be interesting to take the geography of Camargue itself and divide it—in so doing creating this set of restrictions, that this region, this space, will be the only space we film in. We’ll look at the different symptoms of this place and move from there; let the landscape, and what you find when exploring and discovering it, create the texture of the narrative.”


Doug Aitken : Website



Candas Sisman : Flux

video and sound design by Candas Sisman
commissioned by Plato Art Space

The video installation Flux by young artist Candaş Şişman can be defined as a digital animation which is inspired from the structural features of some of İlhan Koman’s works… A red circle, which is colored in reference to the red radiators of Ogre, is traced in a morphological transformation which re-interprets the formal approach of Koman’s works. The continuous movement sometimes connotes the formal characteristics of Pi, 3D Moebius, Whirlpool and To Infinity…, as well as the original formal interpretations of the design principles of the works . In Flux, Koman’s design process in the making of the Pi series has been treated as the emerging of a sphere from a two-dimensional circle by the principle of increasing the surface; and that simple direction is re-interpreted in digital medium.

Candas Sisman : Vimeo

Candas Sisman : Behance Network

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