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Outliers, Vol. I – 3 : Iceland (Feature Film & Soundtrack)



Vol 1



Vol 2



Vol 3


Film produced by Scenic ( – Soundtrack curated by: Deru (
Photography by Tim Navis ( + Kim Holtermand (


Featuring an all-original soundtrack including: Deru, Shigeto, Loscil, Goldmund, Asura, Joby Talbot, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Take / Sweatson Klank, Thomas Knak, Heathered Pearls, Eskmo, Son Lux, and A Lull.


In October of 2011, a small group of filmmakers, photographers and musicians traveled to the remote countryside of Iceland to document their experience with the landscape, traditions and people encountered along the way. The end result is a series of improvised, collaborative musical vignettes – based on field recordings and visual material collected on location – amidst documentary footage of the journey to a uniquely breathtaking place. The feature-length film and accompanying soundtrack features work by thirteen contemporary classical composers and electronic producers. ~ Extract : Vimeo


Outliers Iceland : Website



Paul Prudence : ‘Structure-M.11’ (audiovisual performance)


Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer using generative
and computational methods to create audio responsive visual systems.



Structure-M.11, a real-time visual performance work, was initiated and completed during Guestroom Maribor – a one month artist residency organised by Pekarna Madalenska Mreže and MKC Maribor in November 2011. Recordings were made of industrial processes, ventilation and water cooling systems, mechanical apparatus in the industrial areas of Maribor, Slovenia. I was also interested in exploring the quasi-musicality of discarded industrial equipment and broken machinery and the inherent percussive sounds they can generate. Based on insinuations of a sound collage/composition, made with these field recordings, real-time visual material was generated denoting activations and operations disassociated from sonic origin – a parallel Universe for these nearly extinct sounds to reside  again. ex


Paul Prudence : More Works

Paul Prudence : Sketches



Overcast Sound : Holding Pattern (Music Video)

“…introspective compositions built from fragments of field recordings,
oblique references to dub rhythms, and sweeping cinematic textures.”

Official video for the OVERCAST SOUND track ‘Holding Pattern’.
Holding Pattern EP released on netlabel (
More info at (



Jamie Drouin : Sound Artist

live in croxhapox gent , belgium – october 3rd 2009

Drouin explores the subtleties of experience, with a specific interest in the way audio can dramatically alter perceptions of both physical and temporal space. His installations and compositions examine noise pollution and the auditory phenomena of environments. Incorporating field recordings and synthesized sounds, his works create intricately detailed patterns and textures which, while retaining references to corporeal sources, seek to expand and transform audience perceptions of familiar habitat.

variable speaker

HUM is an investigation into the ubiquitous transformer and electrical relay boxes situated in every neighborhood, and the ever-present low-level sounds they introduce into the environment, creating artificial undertones to our experience of the outdoors. The work loosely references minimalist drone music and also highlights the potential negative effects of these particular sounds: the characteristic ‘hum’ produced by the oscillation of alternating currents in power transformers has been linked with sleep disorders, disorientation and agitation in a percentage of the population, yet is a tone that permeates almost every aspect of our daily lives, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

Derived and composed entirely from unedited recordings of these electrical boxes, HUM creates a paradoxical work which is simultaneously a pleasurable exploration of low frequency patterns, and a direct representation of potentially harmful everyday sounds. [Extract : Jamie Drouin]

A Three Month Warm Up : Vimeo


Max Richter : The Trees

max richter – the trees

Released on Fat-Cats off-shoot label 130701, Richters second album, The Blue Notebooks, features a small core of musicians, specifically Richter on piano, violinists Louisa Fuller and Natalie Bonner, viola player John Mecalfe, and cellists Chris Worsey and Philip Sheppard. While piano and strings dominate, organ playing (on Iconography and Organum) and field recordings (environmental sounds like the crows at the end of Shadow Journal) also appear. Accompanied by typewriter sounds, actress Tilda Swinton (Orlando) reads excerpts from Frank Kafkas The Blue Octavo Notebooks and Polish author Czseslaw Miloszs Hymn Of The Pearl and Unattainable Earth. Her intermittent cameos add variety and contrast to the otherwise instrumental pieces. Such details might suggest that a daunting experimental style dominates the album. On the contrary, the music is delectably melodic and eminently accessible.


Ai : Series : Photography Book

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