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Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #28 : me/END/you (independent)


Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #28, me/END/you (new!, free, independent)


Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #28, me/END/you (new!, free, independent)




Concerned with being constantly updated, with obtaining the latest model of who knows what, with wearing the badge of the modern, informed, up-to-date consumer.

Undermined by ubiquitous messages that insist in reminding us that there’s always something better, that what we have is nor will never be enough, is bound to be old, of the last season or, which is the same but not, of centuries ago, which in consumption is equal to an era.

What if we decide not to be?

What if we decide not to run in pursuit of a future made into a gadget, a SUV or a trendy shirt?

It’s then that we realise we’re forced. That was seemed an option is nothing but a way to mask the fact that the objects themselves force us to discard them.

-They have a voice of their own and take command.

The operating system is no longer compatible with the software we need to install, the laptop does not have the required input for the new peripheral, the Ikea table didn’t resist the move, the soles of the shoes we bought last spring have come apart.

All of this thoroughly programmed to support a system that in turn supports us. To keep a job, to support the job of those who support ours, to not break a cycle of purchase-disposal-purchase beyond which we panic just to look.

And while we once again prepare to update, we fill up the trash bin with wasted resources. We dispose of the work of others: work designed to be thrown away. Objects with a programmed expiration date, which serve their only function without errors or delays: to make sure we remember to make our next purchase.

Is this the only way to keep the cycle?

How long will resources be able to support a race without (a) finishing line(s)?

Will we wait until then to imagine alternatives?


edit, direc & comple by fernandoprats

art direc & desig by Estudi Prats

virtual soport by Rivera Valdez

biotrans by Alicia Pallas

video by Raquel Barrera Sutorra

music by Albert Jordà / Nevus project

almostopen (now also on the ipad) by dou_ble_you

tapcover & back: ‘Recycled memories’ & ‘Keep in touch’ images by Brancolina


with…Roman Aixendri, Vivi Cecilia Atencio Arrojas, Brancolina, Hernán Dardes, Wilma Eras, Oriol Espinal, Rosa Delia Guerrero, Thomas Hagström, H.O., Kozology, Françoise Lucas, Graciela Oses, Paula Palombo,
Alicia Pallas, Leonie Polah, fernandoprats, Miguel Ruibal, Jef Safi, Susan Wolff and dou_ble_you


from… a coruña amsterdam antwerp barcelona buenos aires campredó grenoble

hispalis irapuato london mar del plata nijmegen struer tarragona terrassa toronto





Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27 : in-significant

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27, in-significant (new!, free, independent)

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27, in-significant (new!, free, independent)







Not even things but the discourse on things.

Not even interaction with the object but just with the discourse on the object.

Absence of significance in an Empire of signifiers.

Rhetorical update: Surfer discourse not defending any stance, just suspecting.

Bottomless surfer, dissections by a forensic surgeon of the senses.

Sublimation of languages?

Apocalyptic deconstruction?

Waste management at the end of the game?

What do we speak about when we speak? What do we refer to?

Do you know what I’m talking about?

The medium turned into massage.

When the message from the medium is just the massage of discourse.

Massive addiction to the daily soma of a “renewed” discourse, a distracting one, without consequences or content, paradigmatic on mass-media and social networks.

Words and things.

What names and is named, cultural conventions, significance-signifier-jingle-label.

Channel as the bearer of uncontrollable noise.

At a higher level every day (as this formula is understood in programming) and further from objects and phenomena?


edit(ing), direct(ing) & complements_
fernando prats

art direct(ing) & design(ing)_
estudi prats

colacao & ordenaciones_
rivera valdez

biotranslat(ing) & reflejos_
alicia pallas

(h)original music_
albert jordà / nevus project

(h)original video_
raquel barrera sutorra

front cover(ing) index_ players

open(ing) in-troduction_ alain vaissiere

clos(ing) macbeth_ leonie polah

back(c)over(ing) discourse_ thomas hagström


roman aixendri
hernán dardes
manuel diumenjó
wilma eras
oriol espinal
thomas hagström
françoise lucas
jorge montecof
graciela oses
alicia pallas
leonie polah
fernando prats
beatriz giovanna ramírez
miguel ruibal
juan pablo sáenz
jef safi
nirvana sq
alain vaissiere
susan wolff


Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #25 : “just a memory”


The subject of this Y SIN EMBARGO is memory, its role, its functions, its updates upgrades, its new roles, dynamics, places and functions, and to go beyond in the forcing of logic or critical readings around these questions, the present issue will not have a permanent existence, available, ubiquitous, at hand, as a part of the shared memory that we humans have on the web; on the contrary, it will be lost, it will be a work sent directly to the void, where nothing supports it, as a fragile, dubious entity, or a pile of organized energy in a dissipative medium. Just like our old memories, or all that we cannot download from our heads (or access anywhere).

YSE#25, just a memory, will cease existing on October 5th, 2010.

El tema de esta Y SIN EMBARGO es la memoria, su rol, su papel, sus funciones, sus updates upgrades, sus nuevos roles, dinámicas, lugares y funciones, y para forzar aún más la lógica o las lecturas críticas en torno a estas cuestiones no tendrá una existencia permanente, disponible, ubicua, a la mano, como parte de la memoria compartida que los humanos tenemos en la red; por el contrario, se perderá, será trabajo enviado directamente al vacío, donde nada lo sostenga, como un ente frágil, dudoso, o un cúmulo de energía organizada en un medio disipativo; como nuestros antiguos recuerdos, o todo lo que no podemos descargar de nuestras cabezas (o accesar en sitio alguno),

YSE#25, sólo un recuerdo, dejará de existir el 5 de Octubre de 2010.

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #25

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