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Michael Johansson : Strings Attached.

Some Assembly Required – Bed Frame Included, 2009. Folding bed, welded metal frame, spray paint.

Some Assembly Required – Crescent scale 1:1, 2007. Crescent parts, welded metal frame, spray paint.

Engine Bought Separately – Volta, 2007, Vacuum cleaner, welded metal frame, spray paint.

Engine Bought Separately – IV, 2008. Mixer, hair dryer, welded metal frame, spray paint.

Artist Information : Exhibition #7 : Nordin Gallery

In his playful installations and sculptures Michael Johansson puts the qualities from daily life objects in opposition to their field of application. By repetition, displacement of scale and new function he questions the receivers interpretation of the unique.

In the exhibition ‘Strings Attached’ at Nordin Gallery the work ‘Some Assembly Required’ will be on display, a life-size model kit of a bike. A real bike is turned back into a space of imagination and spins concepts such as size and belonging. ‘Some Assembly Required’ is a common text on boxes for model kits, alerting the buyer that what’s inside will differ from the image on the cover. But the title also refers to the necessity for the audience to participate in the work in order for it to reach its full potential.

In ‘Engine Bought Separately’ everyday objects from mid-20th century housewives are taken apart, sorted, and repacked in an equally outdated boy-dream esthetic. These two worlds are merged together and the objects are frozen in their new shape – while the function is displayed, the functionality is taken away.

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Nordin Gallery : Strings Attached

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