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Emilio Scanavino : Paintings

oil on canvas
55 x 75 cm

oil on canvas
121 x 149 cm

‘dialogues with the infinite’
oil on canvas
148 x 120 cm

‘the ball’
oil on canvas
200 x 300 cm

After a figurative start Scanavino’s paintings rapidly took Post-Cubist character. Stylization of the forms kept growing until eventually totally fade out in the first 1950 years works. In 1954 his work’s characteristic sign started to appear. That is the “stylized knot”, which would characterize all of his following production. The 1950s years works are among the most beautiful of Scanavino’s career. Inside them it is possible to see the genesis of the painting transposition of the interiority, with all of its torment, which are the marking point of Scanavino’s art. [Extract : Wikipedia]

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