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Joan Miró : Etchings : Le Désespéranto (The Despairing One)

A series of eight etchings printed from a hand-shaped copperplate – 1949

After the liberation of France in 1944, Miro felt a new sense of hope. He visited America working with Stanley William Hayter in New York, after returning to Paris in 1947 he joined into a collaboration with the poet ‘Tristan Tzara’ who had collected three volumes of his writings from various periods under the general title ‘L’Antitête’ and illustrated the third part ‘Le Désespéranto’ (The Despairing One) with an astonishing set of etchings made from small shaped copper plates. The book was published in 1949 by Bordas in Paris in an edition of 200 exemplars, each of which was signed by author and the artists. The edition consisted of 8 copies on imperial japan paper. [Extract : Spaightwood Galleries]

Joan Miró Foundation : Barcelona

Ai : Series : Photography Book

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