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Y SIN EMBARGO magazine Last/s, #29 (new! published!)


If communicating means to put something in common, is it possible, today, at the height of

the era of communication, putting something in common? Or all we got are monologues?


Y SIN EMBARGO magazine Last/s, #29 (new! published!)




About this issue………Seven years of a periodical and independent publication is perhaps both necessary and long enough a time to verify or put into practice a set of ideas, wishes and adventures.

YSE closes a cycle, but doesn’t close (neither literally nor metaforically). New situations, new circumstances and, most of all, new wishes and interests consume and demand the always limited well of time and energy. We have grown in this seven years without any kind of sponsoring, there was never a financial support or even modest underpinnings to give any logic of survival to the publication.

Everything has been done on breathhold, in a respiratory exercise, at times painful, even if oxygen (of course intangible) always managed to be there in the end. Nevertheless these are times of generalised asphyxia and sometimes – even though nostalgia or stubbornness exert their seduction- it is necessary to dry dock the boat, caulk and face different courses. We will go on…….but we will be other.


edit, direc & comple by fernandoprats

art direc & desig by Estudi Prats

virtual soport by Rivera Valdez

biotranslations by Alicia Pallas

video by Raquel Barrera Sutorra

music by Albert Jordà / Nevus project

almostopen_by manuel alcaide mengual



roman aixendri manuel alcaide mengual brancolina wilma eras oriol espinal ezook rosa delia guerrero manuel diumenjó h.o. kozology françoise lucas juan pablo sáenz graciela oses alicia pallas carlos pataca leonie polah fernandoprats miguel ruibal nirvana sq jef safi alain vaissiere dou_ble_you azure_b



a coruña, amsterdam, antwerp, barcelona, bielefeld, buenos aires, campredó, dundee, grenoble irapuato london, mar del plata, méxico d.f. nijmegen seattle sevilla tarragona terrassa toronto toulouse


Thanks to all those who have been reading and watching.
Thanks to all those who take and took part.
You’ll be hearing from us.





Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27 : in-significant

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27, in-significant (new!, free, independent)

Y SIN EMBARGO magazine #27, in-significant (new!, free, independent)







Not even things but the discourse on things.

Not even interaction with the object but just with the discourse on the object.

Absence of significance in an Empire of signifiers.

Rhetorical update: Surfer discourse not defending any stance, just suspecting.

Bottomless surfer, dissections by a forensic surgeon of the senses.

Sublimation of languages?

Apocalyptic deconstruction?

Waste management at the end of the game?

What do we speak about when we speak? What do we refer to?

Do you know what I’m talking about?

The medium turned into massage.

When the message from the medium is just the massage of discourse.

Massive addiction to the daily soma of a “renewed” discourse, a distracting one, without consequences or content, paradigmatic on mass-media and social networks.

Words and things.

What names and is named, cultural conventions, significance-signifier-jingle-label.

Channel as the bearer of uncontrollable noise.

At a higher level every day (as this formula is understood in programming) and further from objects and phenomena?


edit(ing), direct(ing) & complements_
fernando prats

art direct(ing) & design(ing)_
estudi prats

colacao & ordenaciones_
rivera valdez

biotranslat(ing) & reflejos_
alicia pallas

(h)original music_
albert jordà / nevus project

(h)original video_
raquel barrera sutorra

front cover(ing) index_ players

open(ing) in-troduction_ alain vaissiere

clos(ing) macbeth_ leonie polah

back(c)over(ing) discourse_ thomas hagström


roman aixendri
hernán dardes
manuel diumenjó
wilma eras
oriol espinal
thomas hagström
françoise lucas
jorge montecof
graciela oses
alicia pallas
leonie polah
fernando prats
beatriz giovanna ramírez
miguel ruibal
juan pablo sáenz
jef safi
nirvana sq
alain vaissiere
susan wolff

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