U-Ram Choe : ‘Custos Cavum’ (Sculpture Video)



Custos Cavum, 2011
size : 220(h) x 360(w) x 260(d)cm
material : metallic material, resin, motor, gear, custom CPU board, LED


Once upon a time, there were two worlds. Each connected to the other through a number of small holes, as if the worlds were breathing through these holes. However, the holes had a tendency to close up, so there were guardians next to each one to keep them open. The guardians were called “Custos Cavum.” They took the form of seals and had large front teeth, which they used to gnaw the holes to prevent them from closing up. Whenever a Custos Cavum felt the generation of a new hole somewhere, it fell into a deep sleep. From the body of the quietly sleeping Custos Cavum grew winged spores called “Unicuses.” These spores took flight and each flew to a new hole, giving rise to a new Custos Cavum. As time went on, the people of each world forgot about the other. The guardians lost their power and died. When the last Custos Cavum died, the last hole closed, separating the two worlds completely. The existence of the other world was entirely erased from people’s memories. – [X]


U-Ram Choe : Website

U-Ram Choe : Vimeo


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