Stephen Holding : Ryoji Ikeda – The Transfinite (Installation)


“As an artist/composer, my intention is polarized by concepts of the “beautiful” and the “sublime”.



“To me, beauty is crystal: rationality, precision, simplicity, elegance, delicacy; the sublime is infinity: infinitesimal, immensity, indescribable, ineffable. To me, the purest beauty is the world of mathematics. Its perfect assemblage of numbers, magnitudes and forms persist, independent of us. The aesthetic experience of the sublime in mathematics is awe-inspiring. It is similar to the experience we have when we confront the vast magnitude of the universe, which always leaves us open-mouthed.

As a composer/artist, I compose music, visuals, materials, physical phenomena and abstract concepts. For this project, the invisible multi-substance of data is the subject of my composition. Three large-scale audiovisual installations are re-orchestrated into a single, symphonic work as the transfinite. This project explores the transfinite (the infinite that is quantitative and ordered) intersection that lies between such polarizations—the beautiful and the sublime; music and mathematics; performance and installation; composer and visual artist; black and white; 0s and 1s.”  Ryoji Ikeda


Ryoji Ikeda : Website

Stephen Holding : Vimeo



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