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24062010 13:05‘24062010 13:05’
published in ‘Window Stories
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Urban Geometry‘ series

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published in ‘Abstracted Architecture
photo book

Wednesday morning
Urban Geometry‘ series

backyard story #3‘backyard story #3’
Urban Geometry‘ series

ceci n'est pas une banane‘ceci n’est pas une banane’
Postcards from London‘ series


Brancolina : Window Stories

Brancolina : Blog (it is what it is)

Brancolina : Abstracted Architecture


A selection of Brancolinas’ photos along with an interview is published in an article about abstract
architecture from nr.8 issue of the Ukraine’s ‘Photographer’ magazine (p. 44-45, 46-47 and 48-49).


1. How do you symbolize architecture according to your inner vision and your philosophy ?

Architecture is the art of creating a space that acts like a shelter for various human activities, if it’s designed perfectly it looks like an inhibited sculpture. I like to associate architecture with music: the architect “composes” with building materials the material space, while the composer “constructs” the audio space by using sound vibrations, they both use rhythm as the base for their creations. Pythagoras said: “There is geometry in the humming of the strings, there is music in the spacing of the spheres.”

2. Why do you think people like these kind of geometric abstractions? Is it coming from men’s original subconscious images of achievable perfection ?

I suppose people like to create images with perfected geometric order because the man’s mind is always striving to organize naturally chaotic reality. However, this so called ‘perfection’ needs to be spiced up with a little bit of imperfection to look attractive.

3. An architect must be a very logical person, mathematically calculating each of his pencil strokes when making a draft, thinking about functionality, practicality and the rest of all those features which would tag a person with a materialist’s label. Here comes the photographer, a modern artist, mystic by his nature and starts “humanizing” that building. With this in mind can we name architectural photographers sort of our spiritual savors with narrow specialization? What do you think about this?

To fully understand and experience the building we must get in direct contact with it and feel it from various points of view, in the same way like somebody is viewing a sculpture. Architectural photographer is essentially expressing only his feelings about the building. His impression helps the viewer to get an idea about the structure, but it is not showing it in the same faithfull and accurate way as the plan. Photography portrays and communicates an atmospheric quality for the architecture. It promotes a feeling rather than the factual formal reality, it makes an artistic impression. The atmosphere or feel of a building is very much a sensory reality and it has a perception from the man’s perspective.

Full Interview (Questions 1 – 12) : published in ‘Photographer’ magazine nr.8

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