Brancolina : Window Stories (photo book)

This book is a collection of visual stories written on windows. I was looking for interesting details, signs of human presence and reflections on window panes, those differences in repetition that add a touch of inconsistency to the strict order of a facade’s structural design and lend it a spatial dimension.

“Modern life is such that, confronted with the most mechanical, the most stereotypical repetitions, inside and outside ourselves, we endlessly extract from them little differences, variations and modifications. Conversely, secret, disguised and hidden repetitions, animated by the perpetual displacement of a difference, restore bare, mechanical and stereotypical repetitions, within and without us.” G.Deleuze

[Extract : Difference and repetition]

Concept, layouts and photography: Brancolina
Size: 20x25cm (10×8″)
80 pages, 40 photos



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